Lexmark Laser Printers

If you need printers for your DMS or if you use Autosoft for your DMS, you’ve come to right place.  We have all your printer needs covered.  Contact one of our experts today for more help with your DMS printer needs.


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How do Lexmark Laser Printers differ from other types of printers?

Lexmark Laser Printers differ from other types by utilizing laser technology, which involves a laser beam to create an electrostatic image on a drum. This technology ensures high-speed, precise, and efficient printing, making Lexmark Laser Printers suitable for professional environments with demanding printing needs.

Do Lexmark Laser Printers support wireless printing?

Yes, many Lexmark Laser Printers support wireless printing. This feature provides convenience and flexibility, allowing users to print documents directly from their devices without the need for physical connections.

Can Lexmark Laser Printers handle color printing?

Yes, Lexmark offers color laser printers that can handle color printing. These printers are suitable for applications requiring high-quality color output, such as marketing materials or presentations.

What printing speeds can be expected from Lexmark Laser Printers?

Lexmark Laser Printers are known for their fast printing speeds. The exact speed varies depending on the model, but they generally offer efficient and rapid printing, making them ideal for busy dealership office environments.

Do Lexmark Laser Printers require special toner cartridges?

Yes, Lexmark Laser Printers typically require specific toner cartridges designed for compatibility with their printing technology. Lexmark produces and recommends using genuine Lexmark toner cartridges that are specifically engineered to work seamlessly with their printers. Genuine Lexmark toner cartridges ensure optimal performance, print quality, and reliability.

While third-party or compatible toner cartridges may be available, using genuine Lexmark cartridges is often advised to maintain the printer's warranty, achieve consistent print results, and avoid potential compatibility issues. Lexmark's proprietary toner formulations are tailored to their printers, contributing to the overall efficiency and longevity of the printing system.