Plastic Steering Wheel Covers

Protect vehicle steering wheels with Dealermarket’s premium-grade plastic steering wheel covers! 

These covers are an essential tool for safeguarding the steering wheel from dirt, grease, and general wear and tear. Protect your customers' vehicles from potential damage while they're in your care.

Our curated collection has options for both standard sized steering wheel covers and XL steering wheel covers. The standard size fits steering wheels up to 24", 1 mil and the XL fits steering wheels up to 28", 1 mil. 

Our high-quality steering wheel covers are specially made with double elastic to ensure durability and double the protection.

And if you are looking for full steering wheel covers, we have got those too. They cover the entire steering wheel including the center area. Also, our 24" x 24" blue sheet steering wheel cover has a light adhesive backer that ensures more secured installation and comes off without any hassle or sticky residues.

So, keep your vehicles in pristine condition and ensure a memorable experience for every customer with our collection of steering wheel covers. Order today and avail additional discounts on bulk orders.

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Which steering cover is best?

The best steering wheel cover depends on the personal preference of the vehicle owner and the porpoise for which it is being used.

For example, if it's a new car that someone has purchased, they will be looking for comfortable steering wheel covers that do not cause sweating under warm conditions. In such a case, they can go for leather or fabric covers. On the other hand, if a dealership or any other automotive business wants steering covers, they should go for plastic premium quality, double elastic plastic steering wheel covers as they are considered the best for such purposes.

Does the steering wheel cover damage the steering wheel?

Steering wheel covers do not damage the steering wheel. They actually do the opposite of damaging. They protect the steering wheel from everyday dirt, dust, oil and grease. Having said that, it is important to note that poor materials like thin plastic or cheap leather can wear out sooner and not provide the desired effect.

Can I use a Plastic Steering Wheel Cover on any type of steering wheel?

Plastic steering wheel covers are generally designed to be versatile and fit a range of steering wheel sizes and shapes. You can use the standard double elastic steering wheel cover on most vehicles or you can also use the CAATS 5-in-1 Disposable Car Interior Protection Kit. For bigger steering wheels though, you can use the XL double elastic steering wheel cover.

Do Plastic Steering Wheel Covers come in different sizes?

Yes, plastic steering wheel covers come in different sizes, most commonly:

  • Standard Double Elastic Steering Wheel Cover: Fits steering wheels up to 24", 1 mil
  • XL Double Elastic Steering Wheel Cover: Fits steering wheels up to 28", 1 mil
  • Full Wheel Steering Wheel Cover: Fits steering wheels up to 24"