Key Storage System for Auto Dealers

At Dealermarket, we have the perfect way to organize and store your keys. Our key storage system is crafted with precision and designed with your convenience in mind. 

They are essentially known as key boards or key storage boards and constructed with the highest quality materials. The body is made of durable Masonite, providing a sturdy and long-lasting foundation. 

To ensure even more resilience, we've reinforced the edges with metal trim, safeguarding your investment and extending the life of the system.

The heart of our key storage system is the spring-lock hook mechanism. You can trust that your keys will remain securely in place, preventing any accidental dislodging.

We have also ensured the rows are offset so that even long and large keys can be accommodated. Wondering if it gets better than this? Well, the easy to hold handles make the key storage boards a breeze to carry around. 

And now, you can choose from multiple options to store more keys such as 32, 38, 55, 75 and 105 hooks. 

With our exclusive collection and quick shipping promise, you can start organizing your keys as quick as within 72 hours. 

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What is a key storage system?

A key storage system from Dealermarket, also known as a key board, is a meticulously crafted solution designed to organize and store keys with precision. Constructed from durable Masonite and reinforced with metal trim, our key storage system features a spring-lock hook mechanism, ensuring secure key placement. With various size options and easy-to-hold handles, it offers a convenient and sturdy solution for dealerships to manage keys efficiently.

What is the safest way to store keys?

The safest way to store keys is through a key storage system with a spring-lock hook mechanism. Dealermarket's key storage boards provide a secure and organized solution, preventing accidental dislodging and ensuring the safety of keys.

Can I use a Car Key Storage Board for other types of keys?

Yes, Dealermarket's Car Key Storage Boards are versatile and suitable for various key types. Whether it's car keys, office keys, or other keys of different sizes, the offset rows and spring-lock hook mechanism accommodate a range of key shapes and lengths.

What are the benefits of using a Car Key Storage Board?

Using a Car Key Storage Board from Dealermarket provides numerous benefits, including durable construction, secure spring-lock hooks, offset rows for accommodating large keys, and easy-to-hold handles for convenient transport. It ensures a systematic and secure organization of keys, preventing misplacement and enhancing overall efficiency.

How many car keys can a typical Car Key Storage Board hold?

Dealermarket offers Car Key Storage Boards in various sizes with options for 32, 38, 55, 75, and 105 hooks. The capacity varies based on the chosen size, providing flexibility for dealerships to select the board that best suits their specific needs.