Custom Paper Floor Mats has Paper Floor Mats for Cars in many different styles and types.  Our paper car mats for cars at wholesale prices are perfect for car or truck dealers. Our disposable paper floor mats are not only economical but they’re also an easy way to keep your customers’ vehicles plush interior nice and clean while in your service department or auto repair shop.  It is extremely important to make sure your customers notice how much you care about keeping their car clean and your attention to detail will go a long with for repeat customers.  We also offer custom printed paper floor mats at low prices that you would consider wholesale so you can show off your brand and logo and any other information to keep your customers staying loyal to your business.  In fact, our custom paper floor mats are the most popular choice among our customers.

We have a wide selection and offer more choices other than paper floor mats for car dealers.  You can choose from different materials, themes, designs and more.  This includes plain or blank paper floor mats, latex floor mats, plastic floor mats, polyethylene floor mats, full adhesive floor mats, heavy duty paper floor mats, and extra large floor mats that come in a roll.  Our custom printed paper floor mats come in 3 different thicknesses, 50#, 80#, and 100#.  The 50# is the most economical option.  The 80# poly-back option is thicker and gives you a coated back for better wet strength.  The strongest option is the premium heavy duty paper floor mats that are equivalent to 100# and are coated on both sides.  We offer 20 different custom design templates or you can choose a complete custom design and our team of experts will design your floor mats to your expectations free of charge.  Our full adhesive floor mats are also very popular plastic floor mats and are imprinted with "Dealer must remove protective cover."   

Whatever type of automotive paper floor mat you need we have it available.  These dealer floor mats are great for any car dealership's service department, body shop, auto repair shop, collision shop, or auto detailing shop.  Keep your customers’ car floors and mats protected from grease, dirt, and moisture during service repairs, car detailing, and regular maintenance work.  Our dealer plastic floor mats and paper floor mats aren't cheap in quality, but you'll love our super low wholesale prices!  Dealermarket is your one-stop shop for all auto dealer supplies, including items essential to your service department.  So if you need more than just disposable floors mats for detailing or service we also recommend our night drop boxes and disposable plastic seat covers!

If you're struggling with which floor mat type is right for your business, take a look at our Disposable Floor Mats Buying Guide.

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What is the best type of floor mat for a car?

The best type of floor mat for a car largely depends on the usage and preferences of the vehicle owner. For example, vehicle owners typically prefer to get carpet floor mats and rubber floor mats for everyday use.

On the other hand, dealerships and other automotive businesses prefer to use sturdy, high-quality paper floor mats for the cars in their lot. Dealerships typically use custom paper floor mats with #100 thickness that is coated on both sides and is considered the best type. Additionally, thickness #80 and #50 are also good for a single use.

What size is a paper car floor mat?

Paper car floor mats come in different designs and sizes. At, you can get car floor mats in the following types and sizes:

  • Custom Premium Heavy Duty Floor Mats - 17" x 22"
  • Plastic Coated Floor Mat Ribbed Design - 16" x 21"
  • Extra Large Plastic Floor Mat - Roll - 21"x 24"
  • Automotive Full Adhesive Plastic Floor Mats - 21"x 24"
  • Standard Plastic Floor Mat - 17" x 21"
  • Wet Strength Paper Floor Mats - Customer Satisfaction - 17" x 22"
Are Auto Paper Floor Mats compatible with all vehicle types?

Auto paper floor mats are generally designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicle types. This almost universal size makes them popular and are sold in bulk. These disposable floor mats are commonly used by automotive service centers, dealerships, and car detailing businesses to protect the vehicle's interior during maintenance or service appointments.

While auto paper floor mats are generally versatile, it's important to note that some high-end or luxury vehicles may have larger footwell areas or unique interior configurations. In such cases, service centers might choose to use larger or custom-fit floor mats to ensure complete coverage and protection.

Can I reuse Auto Paper Floor Mats?

Auto paper floor mats are generally designed for single-use, and they are intended to be disposable after each use. So, if you are looking for floor mats that can be reused, it is best to look at carpet floor mats or rubber floor mats for long-term use.

Are Auto Paper Floor Mats customizable with logos or branding?

Yes. Auto paper floor mats can be customized as per your business needs. At, you can get custom paper floor mats with your business logo, brand colors, business name and any other information you wish to put on there. Also, Dealermarket has 20+ design templates for you to choose from.

Can I use Auto Paper Floor Mats in both the driver and passenger footwells?

Yes, auto paper floor mats are designed to be used in both the driver and passenger footwells of a vehicle. When using these mats, it's essential to ensure that they are positioned securely to cover the entire footwell area effectively. The mats are typically lightweight and easy to handle, allowing for quick placement and removal.