Dealership Seasonal Supplies

Upgrade your dealership's seasonal advertising with's unique products. These eye-catching and high-quality items will bring holiday spirit to your lot, drive customer engagement, and increase your sales. Our holiday-themed products are eye-catching and designed to boost your sales and customer engagement.

For just $22.95, you can instantly add festive flair to your lot. These giant 20" reusable balloons come with everything you need – a two-piece holder, adapter clip, and no helium required! Choose from 3 charming holiday designs. Transform your front-line vehicles into holiday showstoppers in seconds. Made from stretch polyester fabric, these Hoodies are easy to install, won't damage your vehicles, and add a touch of seasonal spirit with six different styles.

Show your customers you care with premium greeting cards. Our Happy Holidays Greeting Cards feature a stunning design and a heartfelt message. They're perfect for expressing your gratitude and building lasting relationships. Enhance your windshield decals with a festive Santa Hat. It's a fantastic giveaway for holiday shoppers, adding a warm and friendly touch to your vehicles. Turn your vehicles into holiday gifts with these adhesive gift tags. They're waterproof, removable, and make for wonderful giveaways.

Make a bold statement with our Holiday Arch Banners. Visible from a distance, these banners are available in two styles and can be ordered as a kit, complete with poles and tire bases.

With Dealermarket 3D Mini Holiday Teardrop Flags, add depth and dimension to your holiday decorations. Showcase your patriotism with high-quality American Flags in various sizes, perfect for your car lot. They're durable, fire-resistant, and made in the USA.

Spread holiday cheer with these clip-on car flags. They are designed to easily attach to any car or truck window and are perfect for vehicles with retractable antennas. Capture attention with our Holiday Swooper Flags. Choose from five styles and enjoy an easy setup with the included flagpole and base.

Our Merry Christmas Greeting Cards express holiday joy and appreciation. They're beautifully designed, printed on heavy card stock, and come with die-cut business card slots. Make this holiday season memorable for your customers and your business. Shop now and make your dealership stand out!

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How do I choose the right seasonal supplies for my dealership?

Selecting the right seasonal supplies for your dealership requires a strategic approach. Start by defining your objectives – whether it's increasing foot traffic, boosting sales, creating a festive ambiance, or showing customer appreciation. Understand your audience's preferences, as this guides your choice between traditional or unique themes. Tailor your selections to the specific season or holiday you're focusing on, whether it's Christmas, Halloween, or Independence Day. Prioritize high-quality items that endure the elements and leave a positive impression. Customization and compliance with local regulations are crucial, and offering a variety of supplies can cater to diverse customer tastes while fostering a dynamic and festive atmosphere on your lot.

Where can I purchase auto dealer seasonal supplies?

Dealermarket is a trusted online platform specializing in automotive dealership supplies. It serves as a comprehensive one-stop shop for dealerships, offering a wide range of high-quality seasonal supplies and customization options at competitive prices. With a commitment to swift order fulfillment and reliable shipping partners, they prioritize getting your products to you promptly and securely. From forms and checks to feather flags, printers, toner, and more, Dealermarket supports every department in your dealership, whether it's advertising, sales, service, or parts. They also offer a price match promise, ensuring that you not only get top-quality products but also the best deals, all backed by exceptional customer service.

What types of seasonal supplies are available?

A wide range of seasonal supplies is available for auto dealerships, including:

  • Holiday Reusable Balloon Kits: Giant reusable balloons with holiday designs for decorating your lot.
  • Hood Covers: Stretchable polyester fabric covers for adding instant holiday impact to your vehicles.
  • Greeting Cards: Premium cards to show appreciation and wish your customers happy holidays.
  • Decals: Festive decals like Santa Hats or gift tags for vehicles.
  • Banners: Large banners to create a festive atmosphere on your lot.
  • Flags: Various flag options, including American flags and holiday-themed flags.
  • Window Flags: Clip-on flags for windows, ideal for vehicles with retractable antennas.
  • Seasonal Teardrop Flags: 3D teardrop flags with holiday themes.

The choice of supplies will depend on the season, your dealership's objectives, and your customer base. Consider a mix of items to create an engaging and festive environment on your lot during different seasons and holidays.