Buying Guide for Disposable Floor Mats

When it comes to choosing the best disposable floor mats for your business the large amount of choices can get quite confusing.  Should you choose paper or plastic?  Is the floor mat customizable with your logo and branding? What size do you want?  Do you need a heavy-duty or thicker strength for dirty or wet conditions?  How well does the floor mat stay in place?  And how much do all of these options cost? 

These are all valid questions and part of the reason shopping for disposable car floor mats can be very confusing.  We created this buying guide for floor mats so you can easily compare all of different types of floor mats for your car dealership, auto detailing company, auto repair shop, body shop, or collision center.

2 years ago
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21 Digital Marketing Resolutions For Your Car Dealership In 2021

The past year may have been an unusual one filled with unpredictable situations around every corner, but there have been many positives as the auto industry embraced technology to continue selling and servicing amid shutdowns and social distancing. Consumers aren’t ready to give up the conveniences technology provided, so here are the digital marketing resolutions every dealer needs to keep in mind in the new year.  

2 years ago
80 view(s) Has Emerged As New The Auto Dealer Supplies Leader takes a giant leap past their competition in the Auto Dealership Supplies industry.  A niche market, however, the auto dealer supplies industry is fueled by over 55,000 car dealerships in the United States alone.  There are at least a dozen or more companies currently occupying this space supplying dealerships with all the supplies they need from the car dealership balloons in the front of their lot or in their showroom, to the disposable plastic seat covers and custom paper floors mats used in the service department. 

2 years ago
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How Online Startup Car Dealerships Are Pushing Smaller Used Car Dealers Out

Are smaller car dealerships and used car lots going to be pushed out of the automotive industry by the new online car dealer giants like Carvana and Shift? Would you buy a car from a vending machine?  Learn more about the current state of automotive eCommerce.  If you are one of these smaller dealerships we have a few tips to help level the playing field.


2 years ago
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Dealership Supplies FAQ & Terminology

Sometimes auto dealer supplies items can be confusing to those new to the automotive industry.  Here are 5 commonly asked questions about what typical items are and what they're used for within a car dealership.  Learn a bit about what these items are, look like, and why they're used and needed.

2 years ago
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5 Items That Will Improve Your Auto Dealership's Service Department

Is your car dealership's service department running on all cylinders? Maybe, maybe not.  We have 5 tips for you as an auto dealer to make sure you're maximizing your service departments overall organization, efficiency, and profits.  Learn how to increase branding opportunities, service more vehicles efficiently and effectively, make money while you sleep, and stay extremely organized with all of your repair orders.

2 years ago
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Why You Should Offer Night Drop Key Service In The Automotive Industry

Are you committed to making it as easy as possible for your valued customers to get their vehicle serviced or repaired?  Our Night Drop/Early Bird key drop envelopes and Night Drop Boxes give you the opportunity to service your customers outside of your regular 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. hours.  Your customers can save valuable time when they need to drop off their car or vehicle outside of normal business hours.

2 years ago
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