Car Dealership Inflatables & Blow Up Man

Make a splash with our giant inflatables for car dealerships.  Our car dealership air dancers and other wacky inflatables are perfect for catching attention during special sales, promotions, or any other advertising strategies for events you have coming up.  Our inflatables will make sure that anyone driving by your auto dealership takes notice.  Our air dancers are not only very affordable, but have many different messages for you to deliver an in-your-face call to action.  So if you want to showcase a used car sale, a patriotic theme with a US flag, a typical sale in red or blue, or a stop and save option we have it all.  We even offer an Uncle Sam patriotic inflatable as well as a giant 20 ft. gorilla inflatable if you really want to garner the most attention possible.  You’ll be sure to make sure everyone that drives by your dealership, new or used cars, remembers your brand and logo.  We have your inflatable blowers that you need as well to make sure you can easily reuse your car dealership blow up man often for every sale you have for ultimate ROI for your dealership advertising efforts.  Show off your dealership’s spirit of fun today and snag one of our dealership inflatables to let your customers and potential prospects know when you’re running your best sales and promotions.  If you couple these with all of our other auto dealer advertising supplies you’ll be sure to make your sales team very happy!  We specifically recommend our reusable balloons, streamers for car dealerships, and custom trailer hitch covers to lure in even more foot traffic!

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What are the car dealership inflatables called?

Car dealership inflatables are also called air dancers or inflatable tube man. These names are given after their function of being inflated and flailing about in the wind with arms and a tube shaped body. They are made in vibrant colors often with faces to be used as mascots.

What material is used in the inflatable tube man?

Inflatable tube man is often made from parachute material or ripstop nylon that is strong and durable to be woven into different shapes and sizes. They are stitched together in an airtight seal to ensure that they can keep swaying in the wind and continue to serve their purpose.

Why do car dealerships have inflatable man?

Car dealerships use inflatable man as a marketing and advertising tool because they are highly attention-grabbing. Their constant, rhythmic motion and vibrant colors make them stand out, especially in a static environment like a car dealership lot.

They are typically placed outside the dealership so they capture the eye of passing drivers and pedestrians, drawing attention to the dealership. They are also used to promote special sales events, promotions, and offers. These tube dancers can display banners, signs, or flags that highlight discounts, financing deals, or special incentives to potential customers.

What is the inflatable in front of car dealerships?

The inflatable in front of a car dealership is known as air dancer or tube man. They are an advertising tool that is used to catch the attention of passersby and increase foot traffic to the dealership. You will often find these inflatables with happy faces and special messages. These are marketing tactics that play a vital role in having a positive effect on the onlookers' psychology.

How does an air dancer work?

An air dancer works through a combination of a fan or blower and a flexible, tubular body. At the base of the tube dancer, a powerful electric fan or blower continuously forces air into the bottom of the flexible tube, creating an airtight seal.

As the blower pumps air, the tube inflates, and the air pressure causes the tube to rise and take shape. The constant influx of air pushes through the body of the tube dancer, creating a dynamic, wavy motion. The blower's continuous operation ensures that the tube remains inflated and in motion, making it a highly effective attention-grabbing advertising tool.

What are car dealership inflatables?

Car dealership inflatables are a variety of inflatable advertising devices used by car dealerships to attract attention, promote sales, and create a lively and festive atmosphere. These inflatable marketing tools are designed to capture the attention of passersby and potential customers. They come in various sizes and designs. For example, you will find air dancing tubes, patriotic Uncle Sam inflatable, Gorilla inflatable and tube man with arms.

Car dealerships use them to promote sales events, special offers, new arrivals, and to create a lively and visually appealing environment on their lots. They are designed to be eye-catching, fun, and cost-effective for marketing and advertising purposes.