On-Vehicle Advertising Supplies

Elevate your dealership's presence with Dealermarket, your one-stop destination for premium on-vehicle advertising supplies. Our meticulously curated selection of advertising essentials ensures your dealership shines brightly in the competitive automotive arena.

Discover our Windshield Pricing Numbers, thoughtfully designed in convenient kits for effortless windshield advertising. Coupled with slogan stickers or window decals, they make your everyday low prices impossible to miss. 

Unleash your creativity with our wide range of windshield markers, available in vibrant fluorescent colors and both oil-based and water-based varieties. Craft compelling marketing messages, displaying vehicle details, and pricing information that captivate your audience.

For those special occasions and events, explore our captivating car bows, available in various sizes (12" to 43") and an array of colors to complement any vehicle. Whether it's a holiday gift or a memorable customer experience, our bows add that extra touch.

We provide a complete suite of advertising tools, from car hood covers to US flag vinyl decals, sale windshield banner kits to message windshield banners, solid paint markers (grease pens) to large Uni-Posca windshield markers.

Choose Dealermarket for top-quality and budget-friendly on-vehicle advertising supplies. Transform your dealership's image today and make a lasting impression on your customers. Experience the Dealermarket difference; shop now!


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What are the best vehicle advertising for car dealerships?

For car dealerships seeking effective vehicle advertising solutions, Dealermarket offers a comprehensive range of options. Elevate your dealership's image with:

  • Window Stickers: Displays vital information and promotions on your vehicles, ensuring potential customers take notice.
  • Windshield Pricing Numbers: Grab attention with pricing stickers that are conveniently available in kits for effortless windshield advertising. These are especially popular with used car dealerships.
  • Windshield Markers: Use these to convey marketing messages, vehicle details, or pricing information. Available in various vibrant colors for maximum visibility.
  • Car Bows: Make special moments memorable with our variety of car bows, available in different sizes and colors. Ideal for gifting or adding a festive touch to your showroom.
  • Custom Hood Covers: Personalize your vehicles with custom hood covers to reinforce your branding. Additional Supplies:

    Explore our curated list of all the other advertising essentials, including US flag vinyl decals, sale windshield banner kits, message windshield banners, solid paint markers, and large Uni-Posca windshield markers


What types of vehicle advertising options are available for car dealerships?

Car dealerships have a wide array of vehicle advertising options at their disposal to effectively promote their inventory and brand. Here are some of the key options:

  • Window Stickers: Display important vehicle information, pricing details, and promotions on the windows of cars, making it easy for potential customers to get essential details at a glance.
  • Windshield Pricing Numbers: These kits of pricing stickers are designed for easy application on windshields, ensuring that pricing is prominently visible to passersby. They are especially popular among used car dealerships.
  • Windshield Markers: Available in oil-based and water-based varieties, these markers allow dealerships to convey marketing messages, vehicle details, and pricing information directly on the windshield.
  • Car Bows: Giant and colorful car bows are perfect for creating a festive atmosphere in the showroom. They are often used for gifting cars or as incentives during vehicle purchases, leaving a memorable impression on customers. Custom
  • Hood Covers: Personalize vehicles with custom hood covers, featuring branding, logos, or promotional messages. Magnetic Signs: These removable signs can be placed on vehicles temporarily for advertising special promotions or events.
  • Vinyl Decals: Customize vehicles with vinyl decals, including patriotic options like the US flag vinyl decal.
  • Windshield Banners: Use banners to promote sales events or convey specific messages to potential customers.
  • Solid Paint Markers (Grease Pens): Ideal for writing on vehicles and windows to highlight special features, discounts, or contact information.
  • Uni-Posca Windshield Markers: These markers offer versatility for windshield messaging.
Car dealerships often employ a combination of these advertising options to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that maximizes visibility and impact. The choice of method depends on the dealership's goals, budget, and target audience.


What are the costs associated with vehicle advertising?

The costs associated with vehicle advertising can vary widely depending on the specific advertising method and the quantity of materials needed. Here's a breakdown of some of the vehicle advertising supplies cost:

  • Kleer-Bak Stock Sticker: As low as $10.40 per sticker.
  • Window Sticker-Happy Face with Glasses: $9.00 per sticker, with a discounted rate of $8.10 for larger quantities.
  • Happy Face With Eyebrows Window Sticker: $8.50 per sticker, potentially lower with bulk orders.
  • US Flag Vinyl Decal: Priced at $8.76.
  • Slogan Window Stickers - Black & Green - 12 Pack: Available for as low as $3.09 per pack when purchased in quantity.
  • Custom AdVer-Tag Dispatch Mirror Hang Tag: As low as $193.97 per tag.
  • Message Windshield Banners: Available for as low as $19.98 each.
  • Large Uni-Posca Windshield Markers: Priced as low as $10.19 per marker.
Note that the costs can vary based on factors such as the type of advertising material, customization, quantity ordered, and any applicable discounts. Dealerships often negotiate bulk pricing or discounts with suppliers to reduce overall advertising expenses.