Standard Vehicle Deal Jackets

At Dealermarket, we understand the pulse of your car dealership, and our Deal Jackets are the heartbeat of streamlined efficiency! Elevate your organizational game with our comprehensive selection, catering to the diverse needs of your dealership. 

Our Standard Vehicle Deal Jackets, available in packs of 500, are the epitome of durability and functionality. Crafted from sturdy stock, these jackets, also known as dealer record envelopes, effortlessly manage all paperwork associated with vehicle sales without succumbing to wear and tear from daily use.

For those seeking customization, explore our Original 3-in-1 Deal Jackets, thoughtfully designed with a unique 3-column layout. Seamlessly transition from bringing a vehicle into inventory to itemized cost breakdowns and essential sale information. Made in the USA from robust 32# paper stock, these pre-printed jackets are a testament to longevity.

Need extra space? Our 1" Expandable Deal Jackets, available in heavy-duty 11-point material, accommodate additional paperwork or items, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. Each jacket, measuring approximately 9" H x 12" W, features a user-friendly thumb-cut for easy access to crucial documents.

Choose from an array of colors—buff, blue, red, white, yellow, green, and more—to suit your dealership's aesthetic. Whether you opt for standard stock or heavy-duty variants, blank or pre-printed, Dealermarket provides the perfect solution for your dealership's record-keeping needs..

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What are standard vehicle deal jackets?

Standard vehicle deal jackets, also known as dealer record envelopes, are essential organizational tools used by car dealerships to manage and store paperwork related to vehicle sales. These jackets provide a systematic and secure way to keep all necessary documents in one place, ensuring easy access and efficient record-keeping throughout the entire sales process.

What size and format do standard vehicle deal jackets typically come in?

Standard vehicle deal jackets typically come in a standardized size of approximately 9" H x 12" W. This size is designed to accommodate various types of documents commonly associated with car sales. The jackets are crafted to be durable and resistant to ripping or tearing, ensuring they withstand the daily wear and tear of dealership operations.

What types of documents are commonly stored in standard deal jackets?

Standard deal jackets serve as comprehensive repositories for a wide range of documents related to vehicle transactions. Commonly stored documents include:

  • Sales Contracts: Legal agreements outlining the terms and conditions of the vehicle sale.
  • Vehicle Registration and Title Documents: Essential paperwork for transferring ownership of the vehicle.
  • Invoice and Pricing Information: Details on the cost of the vehicle, taxes, and any additional fees.
  • Trade-in Information: Documents related to trade-in vehicles, including valuation and transfer details.
  • Financing Documents: Contracts and paperwork associated with financing the purchase.
  • Inspection Reports: Records of vehicle inspections, detailing the condition of the vehicle at the time of sale.
  • Warranty Information: Documents related to any warranties or guarantees provided with the vehicle.

Standard deal jackets are designed to keep these and other important documents organized and easily accessible, streamlining the sales process and ensuring regulatory compliance for the dealership.