Streamers & Pennants For Auto Dealerships

Dealermarket offers a wide variety of dealership streamers and pennants.  We have many styles, lengths, and colors for you to dress up your car lot.  Choose from our metallic streamers, checkered streamers, triangle streamers, patriotic American flag pennants, checkered flag streamers, multi-color triangle pennants, and more.  Make sure you buy from us for the highest quality car dealer pennants and streamers that are made to last.  You can string these throughout your car lot on light poles or from the corner of your building to start drawing the attention you need and pull in extra traffic off the street!  Our car lot streamer flags and pennants no doubtedly will help draw in that street traffic every car dealership needs. If you really want to take it up a level check out our advertising balloons for car dealerships, custom trailer hitch covers, and dealership inflatables!

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What is a pennant flag?

Pennant flags are colorful marketing and advertising tools that are designed to be hung inside and outside a dealership to promote special events or ongoing sales. These flags are commonly available in triangular shapes and used as attention-grabbing tools by lining them up in and around a dealership. They can be thought of as decorations for celebrating special occasions, promotions, and sales.

How long do pennants flag last?

Pennant flags, when properly installed and maintained, can last easily for several months. They are typically made from high-quality cloth and polyethylene materials which gives them a sturdy build. They can be hung outdoors and withstand moderate weather. It is important to take them down and keep them securely in a storage area when the event is over.

What types of pennants flags are available?

Pennant flags are available in different designs, colors and shapes. At Dealermarket, you can get the following types of pennant flags:

  • Cloth checkered rectangle pennant
  • Cloth checkered triangle pennant
  • 12’’ super sized ‘Sale’ pennant flag
  • Poly checkered rectangle pennant
  • Poly checkered triangle pennant
  • Triangle pennants in multiple colors
  • Ground pennants
  • American flag pennants
  • Metallic streamers
What are streamers?

Streamers are decorative materials often used in dealership lots and other automotive businesses to decorate the inside and outside and grab the attention of passersby. They are used as promotional tools so that onlookers can get a message that something festive or special is taking place in the dealership. These are typically used to promote sale season, events and special occasions.