Work and Employee Time Card

Embrace a new era of workforce management with our comprehensive range of Time Cards, meticulously crafted to streamline and simplify employee time tracking.

Our specialized collection of time cards seamlessly cater to the specific needs of tracking employee hours, ensuring accurate payroll processing, and maintaining meticulous records of work hours and attendance.

You can choose from our line of products that suits you best, some of which include Manual Time Clock Card TC-292 3-1/2" x 9", Time Clock Card TC-292-2 (2 sided), Job Ticket/Time Card Rack and Time Clock Cards AA-292-VI

With our work time cards, managing employee schedules and tracking work hours becomes a breeze. 

These cards offer a systematic and organized approach to recording employee clock-ins, breaks, and clock-outs, enabling smooth payroll processing and adherence to labor regulations.

Our unwavering commitment lies in providing user-friendly, efficient, and reliable solutions to empower your business. Whether you operate a small business or a large enterprise, our time cards are adaptable and scalable to seamlessly integrate into your unique workforce management needs.

By utilizing our Work and Employee Time Cards, you're not just investing in organized timekeeping; you're investing in optimized operations, minimizing errors, boosting productivity, and gaining a clearer understanding of your workforce's time allocation.

So,invest in our specialized Work and Employee Time Cards and witness how simplified time tracking, enhanced productivity, and elevated business operations will propel your company to new heights of success.

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How does a time card work?

A time card is a record-keeping tool that employees use to track their work hours. They typically mark their clock-ins, breaks, and clock-outs on the card. Employers then use this information for accurate payroll processing and adherence to labor regulations, providing a systematic and organized approach to time tracking.

How long should you keep employee time cards?

Employee time cards should be kept for a specific duration, usually in compliance with labor regulations. It's advisable to retain them for at least two to three years for record-keeping and potential auditing purposes.

What's the difference between time cards and time sheets?

While both track work hours, time cards are physical or digital cards where employees record their hours daily, and time sheets are more comprehensive documents summarizing work hours over a specific pay period.

What are employee time cards?

Employee time cards are records used to track work hours, including clock-ins, breaks, and clock-outs. These cards play a crucial role in payroll processing, ensuring accurate compensation and compliance with labor laws. A well-designed time card contributes to organized timekeeping and enhanced productivity.

What should a time card include?

A time card should include employee details, dates, clock-in/out times, break information, total hours worked, job or task details, and signatures from both the employee and supervisor for validation.