5 in 1 Oil Change Sticker Printers & Supplies

Give your customers subtle reminders of their next oil change service requirements with Dealermarket’s oil change stickers. Crafted with durability and clarity in mind, our oil change stickers are designed to provide a reliable and visible reminder for vehicle owners, ensuring they never miss a crucial maintenance milestone.

Made from high-quality materials, these stickers are built to withstand various environmental conditions, including temperature changes and exposure to sunlight. We have both adhesive backing and static cling oil change stickers that ensure a secure attachment to the vehicle's windshield, guaranteeing a long-lasting reminder that stands the test of time.

What sets our oil change stickers apart is their customizable design. You can tailor each sticker to match your dealership's branding with options for adding your logo, contact information, and service details. This personalized touch not only reinforces your professional image but also establishes a direct line of communication with your customers.

And that’s not all! At Dealermarket, you will also find the supplies to create these masterpieces. Check out our oil collection of supplies for oil change stickers that include GoDex Printer RT200i, water resistant USB keyboard, rollable waterproof USB keyboard, blank clear 5-in-1 labels, 5 in 1 system premium black ribbon, 5 in 1 system black printer ribbon and also standard white 5 in 1 ‘return for service’ stickers

So, keep your clients informed and engaged in their vehicle's maintenance journey with Dealermarket’s Oil Change Stickers, printers and supplies!

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What does the oil change sticker mean?

An oil change sticker is a small adhesive label placed by the auto servicing center on a vehicle's windshield to serve as a reminder for the owner about the next scheduled oil change. The sticker typically includes essential information such as the date of the last oil change, the mileage at that time, and a suggested date or mileage for the next oil change.

The main purpose of the oil change sticker is to help vehicle owners and drivers keep track of their regular maintenance schedule. The sticker acts as a visual cue, prompting individuals to stay proactive about their vehicle's upkeep and adhere to the recommended oil change intervals.

Are oil change stickers accurate?

Oil change stickers provide a useful reminder for vehicle owners to schedule their next oil change based on time or mileage intervals. However, the accuracy of these reminders depend upon how you drive your vehicle, manufacturer recommendations, etc. and they should be viewed as general guidelines rather than strict rules. Here’s an expert tip: Whatever date your oil change sticker says, there’s typically a leeway where you can wait for a few weeks before taking your vehicle for the next oil change.

What kind of printer do you need to make oil change stickers?

For oil change stickers, you wouldn't use a typical home or office printer. Instead, you'd need a specialized thermal transfer printer. These printers use heat to melt a wax or resin ribbon onto the sticker material, creating durable, smudge-proof prints. It is best to use only premium grade printers like the GoDex Printer RT200i.

What is the sticker on the window after oil change?

The sticker on the window after an oil change is known as an "oil change sticker." This sticker serves as a visual reminder to the vehicle owner about the date and mileage of their most recent oil change and provides information about when the next oil change is recommended. The sticker is rather small and includes only necessary information such as date of last oil change, mileage at the time of last oil change, next oil change recommended date and dealership’s logo/brand name.

What supplies do you need for an oil change sticker?

To create and apply oil change stickers, you will need specific supplies to ensure durability, clarity, and proper adhesion. You would typically need the following:

  • Thermal Label Printer: Use a specialized thermal transfer printer such as the GoDex Printer RT200i for best results. They produce smudge-proof, long-lasting prints and work with specific oil change sticker materials.
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon: When using a thermal transfer printer, choose the correct ribbon type (wax or resin) based on your sticker material and desired print quality.
  • Blank or White Oil Change Sticker Labels: You will need the black and white labels to serve as a base for imprinting your details.
  • Waterproof USB Keyboard: This detachable keyboard is made specially to write on the stickers properly and efficiently.

Additional Supplies (optional):

  • Cleaning wipes: To remove dirt or grease from the application area before applying the sticker.
  • Scraper tool: For gently removing old stickers without damaging the car surface.
  • Gloves: Protecting your hands from oil and other fluids.
How many miles can you go over your oil change sticker?

The mileage or time interval specified on an oil change sticker is a recommendation based on factors such as the type of oil used, driving conditions, and manufacturer guidelines. While it's important to follow these recommendations for optimal engine performance and longevity, exceeding the mileage on the oil change sticker by a modest amount say 5000 miles, is generally not a cause for immediate concern.

Having said that, it's generally not recommended to exceed the manufacturer's recommendation by more than 10-15%.