Computer Hardware Supplies

Boost your dealership's technological prowess with Dealermarket's comprehensive Computer Hardware Supplies. Whether integrated with Autosoft DMS or not, our expert team ensures you have the cutting-edge computers and hardware essential for success. Explore our Autosoft Certified PCs, offering reliability and performance tailored for automotive operations.

 Enhance your workspace with top-notch Acer Monitors, including the 22" Full HD LED LCD Monitor and the 19.5" LED LCD Monitor with built-in speakers. Our inventory extends beyond displays, featuring an array of CAT5 Unshielded Network Patch Cables in various lengths for seamless connectivity.

For budget-friendly options, consider our refurbished HP 24" All-In-One PC. We also offer customizable Autosoft PCs, ranging from i5 to i7 13th Gen, ensuring you get the processing power your dealership demands. Experience efficiency with the Autosoft PC, i7 (13th Gen) with Office – a complete solution for your computing needs. 


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What products and components do computer hardware suppliers offer?

Computer hardware suppliers offer a wide array of products and components to meet the diverse needs of customers. At Dealermarket, we provide a comprehensive selection, including:

  • Autosoft Certified PCs: Tailored for optimal performance, these PCs are designed to seamlessly integrate with Autosoft DMS.
  • Acer Monitors: High-quality display solutions, such as the 22" Full HD LED LCD Monitor with built-in speakers and the 19.5" LED LCD Monitor with Speakers (V206HQL).
  • Network Patch Cables: Various lengths, including 5', 10', 1', and 3' CAT5 Unshielded Network Patch Cables, ensuring efficient and reliable connectivity.
  • HP 24" All-In-One PC - Refurbished: A cost-effective option, providing reliable computing power.
  • Viewsonic 20" Black LCD Widescreen Monitor: A versatile display option without built-in speakers.
  • Autosoft PCs (i5 and i7 13th Gen): Customizable computing solutions catering to different processing needs.
  • Autosoft PC (i7 13th Gen) with Office: A complete package for enhanced productivity.

For a detailed overview or to explore more products, contact our expert customer service specialists who are ready to assist you in finding the right hardware for your success.

Do computer hardware suppliers have warranties?

Yes, computer hardware suppliers often provide warranties to ensure customer satisfaction and support. Autosoft Certified Computers, available at Dealermarket, come with a 1-Year Limited Depot Warranty. This warranty offers coverage for potential hardware issues, demonstrating a commitment to quality and customer support.

Acer monitors, also offered by Dealermarket, typically come with a standard limited warranty. For specific details on the warranty terms for a particular Acer monitor model, customers are advised to refer to the product specifications and official Acer documentation available through Dealermarket. This ensures accurate and detailed information regarding the warranty coverage associated with each product.