Custom Printed Envelopes & Checks

Elevate your dealership's image with Autosoft's custom-printed envelopes and checks. With our tailored solutions, you can easily add your logo and branding, ensuring a professional touch in every transaction. 

Choose from a variety of envelope types and checks, such as custom printed #10 envelopes, custom printed #8 security check envelopes, and even Autosoft checks that are compatible with our DMS solution. 

Our custom printed envelopes and checks offer personalization so you can easily add your logo and branding for a professional touch. And with that, you can also choose whether the envelopes have a window or not. 

We also provide the option to choose the security of the window on the envelopes if you need them for confidential documents.

But that’s not all! Unlock cost savings with our bundle solutions that offer up to 46% savings on bulk orders. With that, our dedicated support team will help you every step of the way. 

So, upgrade your documentation process and place your order with Dealermarket today!

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What are Custom Printed Envelopes?

Custom printed envelopes are envelopes that can be customized to include a dealership or any automotive business’ logo, graphics, brand colors, name, contact information, etc. They are also sometimes known as business envelopes with logo. Custom printed envelopes provide an opportunity for dealerships and automotive businesses to reinforce their brand identity. It also adds a level of professionalism that shows that the business does not engage with generic envelopes and checks.

Why choose Custom Printed Envelopes over plain envelopes?

You should choose custom printed envelopes as they provide an excellent opportunity to reinforce and promote the brand. By incorporating logos, colors, and specific graphics, businesses can create a consistent and recognizable brand identity. Also, using custom printed envelopes creates a cohesive and unified brand image across all communication materials. When envelopes match other branded items like letterheads, business cards, and promotional materials, it reinforces the brand identity and creates a professional and organized appearance.

What customization options are available for Custom Printed Envelopes?

Custom printed envelopes offer a range of customization options that includes adding your business’ name, logo, ink colors that align with your brand, adding return address and choosing the security aspect of the envelopes. Additionally, you can choose the quantity, subscription type and reordering option of the envelopes. For example, if you visit, you will get the option of ‘reorder’ which means that if you have ordered from Dealermarket before, the same details for customization can be used and you will not have to go through the entire customizing process again.

Are Custom Printed Envelopes available in different sizes and formats?

Yes, custom printed envelopes are available in different sizes, types and formats. At, you can choose from a number of different sizes and customization options.

How do I order Custom Printed Envelopes for my business?

You can order custom printed envelopes online at and have them delivered to you at your doorstep. Simply visit and search for “Custom Printed Envelopes”. Then, select the type of envelope you want, add your customizations and place order. Before the envelopes are printed, a proof process is followed where the customer service team will get in touch with you to confirm the details of the customization requests and upon confirmation, the envelopes will be printed. All of this can be easily done online on the website.

Are there eco-friendly options available for Custom Printed Envelopes?

Yes, you can look for eco-friendly custom printed envelopes which are typically made from recycled materials that are biodegradable. These envelopes often have eco-friendly packaging that are more environmentally friendly.