Hanging Buyers Guides

Elevate your dealership's transparency and customer trust with Dealermarket's 2-Part Hanging Buyers Guide. Crafted with precision and compliance with FTC regulations, these guides are more than labels – they're a commitment to clarity in every vehicle sale.

The Implied Warranty design communicates assurance, providing potential buyers with essential information about the warranty coverage. On the flip side, our AS-IS Buyers Guide boldly signals transparency, indicating that the vehicle is sold without any warranty. Both designs are available in a standard size of 8-1/2" x 11-3/4", ensuring easy visibility and readability.

Designed as a 2-part, carbonless document in white and yellow, our Buyers Guides feature a 2-position permanent adhesive tape for effortless attachment to a vehicle's rearview mirror or window. The large 1-1/8" hole allows for easy hanging, emphasizing your dealership's commitment to clarity.

With quick shipping options in just 24-48 hours, Dealermarket ensures you're always equipped with the tools to build customer confidence. Upgrade your dealership's game – choose Dealermarket's 2-Part Hanging Buyers Guides for a seamless, transparent, and customer-focused vehicle buying experience.

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What is a hanging Buyer's Guide?

A hanging Buyer's Guide is a document used in the context of vehicle sales. It provides important information to potential buyers of used vehicles regarding the warranty status of the vehicle they are considering purchasing. This guide is called "hanging" because it can be hung from the rearview mirror of a vehicle or attached to a window for easy visibility. The Buyer's Guide is designed to help consumers make informed decisions when buying a used car and is typically required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations.

The Buyer's Guide serves as a legal disclosure document, and it informs buyers about the warranty coverage or lack thereof on the used vehicle. The two common options for Buyer's Guides are the "Implied Warranty" and "AS-IS" labels.

Are there different designs or layouts available for hanging Buyer's Guides?

Yes, there are different designs and layouts available for hanging Buyer's Guides. The two common designs mentioned in your description are the "Implied Warranty" and "AS-IS" labels.

  • Implied Warranty Buyers Guide: This design indicates that the dealer is offering an implied warranty with the vehicle. It includes information about the implied warranty, which varies from state to state but typically covers some basic aspects of the vehicle's condition.
  • AS-IS Buyers Guide: This design, on the other hand, communicates that the vehicle is being sold "as-is," meaning without any warranty. This option is often chosen when the dealer doesn't want to provide any warranty coverage for the used vehicle.

At Dealermarket you can get both designs which typically include the following features:

  • Size: The hanging Buyer's Guide is typically 8-1/2" x 11-3/4" in size.
  • Carbonless: It is often designed as a 2-part, carbonless document, which means that writing or marking on one part transfers to the other part without the need for carbon paper.
  • Color: The standard colors for the document are white and yellow, with the white copy for the dealer and the yellow copy for the buyer.
  • Adhesive Tape: They come with a 2-position permanent adhesive tape at the top and bottom, allowing them to be easily attached to a vehicle's rearview mirror or window.
  • Printing: The information on the document is printed in black ink with a gray backer for readability.
  • Hole: There is a large 1-1/8" hole at the top, which allows for easy hanging from mirrors.

These hanging Buyer's Guides help protect both the buyer and the seller by clearly stating the warranty status of the vehicle, ensuring transparency in the sale of used cars. It's crucial for dealers to comply with FTC regulations and provide the appropriate Buyer's Guide based on the warranty coverage offered.