Car Lot Advertising Supplies

Dealermarket is your one-stop destination for transforming your car lot into a magnet for potential customers, ensuring your dealership gets the recognition it deserves and experiences record-breaking sales months.

Captivate your customers with our exceptional assortment of advertising balloons designed specifically for car dealerships. We offer reusable balloons, latex balloons, blimp balloons, plastic balloons tailored for car dealerships, and even hot air balloons. For the ultimate attention-grabber, explore our custom giant 8-foot balloons, a top-selling choice.

Available in an array of eye-catching colors, including patriotic and happy face designs, these balloons can be personalized with your message. Our car lot balloons easily attach to balloon holders or car windows, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, whether you need permanent or temporary advertising solutions.

Our car dealership air dancers and wacky inflatables are perfect for drawing eyes during special sales, promotions, or any upcoming events. These inflatables ensure that anyone passing by your dealership won't be able to resist noticing. We offer affordability along with a range of messages to deliver an in-your-face call to action, from used car sales to patriotic themes and more. Want to take it to the next level? Consider our Uncle Sam patriotic inflatable or the colossal 20 ft. gorilla inflatable for maximum attention.

Discover a comprehensive range of promotion signage, dealership seasonal supplies, American flag displays, holiday reusable balloon kits, American flag pennants, underhood sign kits, plain air dancers, reusable latex balloon holders, message air dancing tubes, and much more.

Turn your car dealership lot into a showstopper with Dealermarket's extensive range of lot car lot advertising solutions.


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What must every new car on a dealer's lot display?

Every new car on a dealer's lot must prominently display a Monroney sticker, also known as the window sticker. This sticker is legally required and provides vital information about the vehicle, including the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), standard features, optional equipment, fuel efficiency, safety ratings, and more. It empowers potential buyers with essential details to make informed decisions.

What are the types of car lot advertising supplies ?

Car lot advertising supplies encompass a diverse range of products designed to enhance the visibility and appeal of your dealership. These include:

  • Car Dealership Balloons: Reusable balloons, latex balloons, blimp balloons, plastic balloons, and giant custom balloons to capture attention.
  • Car Dealership Inflatables: Air dancers, giant inflatables, and wacky inflatables for special sales, promotions, and events.
  • Streamers & Pennants: Various styles and colors of metallic, checkered, triangle, and patriotic pennants to dress up your car lot.
  • Promotion Signage: A wide variety of signage solutions to convey important messages and promotions to potential customers.
  • Dealership Seasonal Supplies: Seasonal and holiday-themed decorations to create a festive atmosphere.
  • American Flag Displays: Eye-catching American flag pennants and displays to showcase your patriotism.
  • Underhood Sign Kits: Signage for under the vehicle's hood to provide additional information to customers.
  • Plain Air Dancers: Vibrant, attention-grabbing wacky waving dancers that customers can't miss.
  • Reusable Latex Balloon Holders: Sturdy holders for displaying balloons in an organized and appealing manner.
  • Message Air Dancing Tubes: Customizable inflatable tube dancers with messages tailored to your dealership's needs.
Can I customize car lot advertising supplies?

Absolutely! Customization is a key feature of car lot advertising supplies. You can tailor these materials to match your dealership's branding, message, and theme. Custom giant balloons, personalized banners, and inflatable tube dancers with your unique message or logo can be created to make your advertising materials truly stand out and represent your dealership's identity. This personal touch allows you to make a distinct impression on potential customers and enhance your dealership's overall image.