Car Document Holder & Vehicle Document Holder

Car document holders, also referred to as vehicle document wallets are typically the first thing your customer will for when they need an important document regarding their vehicle.  Why not add your custom logo and contact information so they contact your dealership first?  This is what your customers will use to keep their registration, insurance card, buyers guide warranty, any repair order forms, purchase agreements, etc.  Our car document wallets are offered in a vinyl version or a paper version.  We always recommend the custom vehicle document holders for car dealers.  Your customers will appreciate this extra touch to help them keep important documents and policies organized.  Dealer Market is your #1 source for auto dealership supplies!  We also recommend reusable bags for promotions, car hood covers, cardboard license plates, and car addendum forms.

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What is the advantage of a document holder?

A document holder, such as an automobile document holder or vehicle registration holder, offers several advantages. It helps in keeping important documents organized, easily accessible, and protected. When it comes to automobile document holders, here are some specific advantages:

  • Organization: Document holders provide a dedicated place to store essential car documents like registration, insurance cards, buyer's guide warranties, repair order forms, and purchase agreements. This prevents these documents from getting lost or damaged.
  • Protection: They offer protection against wear and tear, moisture, and potential damage. This ensures that important papers remain in good condition.
  • Quick Access: Car document holders allow for quick and easy access to critical documents in case of emergencies, such as traffic stops, accidents, or maintenance needs.
  • Branding Opportunity: By customizing the document holder with your dealership's logo and contact information, you can promote your brand and make it convenient for customers to reach out to you.
  • Customer Appreciation: Providing custom car document holders as a part of your service adds a thoughtful touch, showing your commitment to customer satisfaction and helping them stay organized.
Why is it important to use a document holder?

Using a document holder, especially in the context of vehicle documents, is important for the following reasons:

  • Safety and Compliance: It ensures that drivers have easy access to important documents, promoting safety and compliance with legal requirements.
  • Prevention of Loss: Carrying vehicle documents loose in the glove compartment or elsewhere increases the risk of losing them. A vehicle document holder minimizes this risk.
  • Document Protection: Vehicle documents are vital, and keeping them in a document holder protects them from damage due to exposure to moisture, sunlight, or physical wear and tear.
  • Quick Retrieval: During roadside checks, accidents, or vehicle maintenance, quick access to documents can be crucial. A document holder, such as an automobile document holder, streamlines this process.
  • Brand Promotion: Customized car document holders are an excellent way for car dealerships to promote their brand and stay connected with customers.
Where is the best place to keep car papers?

The best place to keep car papers, such as vehicle registration and insurance cards, is in a dedicated document holder. This holder can be stored in the glove compartment, visor, or any other easily accessible location within the vehicle. The key is to ensure that the documents are readily available when needed and are protected from damage.

What is the best position for a document holder?

The best position for a document holder in a car may vary depending on personal preference, but some common and convenient locations include:

  • Glove Compartment: Placing the document holder in the glove compartment ensures that the papers are secure and protected from the elements, as well as it is easily accessible when needed.
  • Visor: Some vehicles have document holders on the sun visors. This location is convenient for quick access, especially during traffic stops.
  • Center Console: If your car has a center console with storage, you can keep the document holder there, making it easily accessible to both the driver and the passenger.
  • Under the Seat: In some cases, a document holder can be stored under the driver's or passenger's seat, providing easy access while keeping the documents out of sight.

Using a car document holder in any of these positions will help keep important papers organized and readily available for any situation.