Key Control Cabinets & Key Systems

Dealermarket has your auto dealer needs covered with our key control cabinets, rollable key cases, dealership key systems, and key boards.  You can keep your service or sales department efficient and organized with our top-of-the-line key cabinets.  Whatever style key cabinet you're looking for we're sure on of many models and varieties will suit your car lot needs. Our key control cabinets come in 30, 60, or 90 key cabinets so we have a size to fit your dealership needs and volume.  They feature a modern, attractive design that is made of durable steel construction with high impact plastic end caps and a scratch resistant finish.  Each cabinet comes convenient hooks for your key rings as well as  two lock keys.  

Our rollable key cases are also very popular, especially when you need a mobile solution within your dealership.  We have models that include a 30 or 50 key capacity.  Each mobile key case is made of sturdy, weather resistant, waterproof, soft vinyl.  They feature plastic safety hooks that won't allow keys to accidnetally fall off the case.  The grommets at the top allow you to easily hang it and the handle on the top allows you to easily carry it where you need it to be.

Our auto dealer key boards are amazingly popular and work well for many different scenarios.  If you need to move them easily to a different location this is an excellent option.  They come in 32, 38, 55, 75, or 105 key capacities.  They feature a convenient handle so you can transport them to your car lots or carry them out to your vehicles.  This is especially a great convenience if you have cars in multiple lots spread across a very large area.  They are made of masonite and have metal reinforced trim to protect the edges of the key board.  The spring-lock hooks are helpful to make sure your car keys don't easily fall off.

Another popular option is our heavy duty key cabinets that come in two sizes.  The regular size is 21" x 20" x 5" and has a 96 key capacity but is expandable to 192 keys with the purchase of an additional key panel.  The X-Large heavy duty key cabinet is 31" x 16" x 5" and boasts a hefty 108 key capacity and can enlarge to 178 or 248 keys with additional key panels.  Both are made of 18 gauge construction with a neutral light Putty color.  They are piano hinged and feature 1" hooks for key rings.  Each heavy duty key cabinet comes with 2 lock keys.  The large key hooks and extra space make them perfect for large keys with remotes or electonic key fobs.  These are perfect key cabinets for car dealers.  

Our Auto Dealer Cobra key systems are the perfect key management system.  Featuring offsetting rows, the key tags are hung in a very visible manner that makes them extremely easy to read.  If you want a locking key cabinet with tamper-proof key rings this key system is for you!  With this key system you insert your numbered key into the lock to release a set of keys.  Then you simply return the keys to the lock when you no longer need them and it will release your numbered key.  They also include a master key for a supervisor or manager to move keys around creating more organization and efficiency.  We offer 30, 50, 100, and 160 key systems and each comes with the relative/corresponding amount of key holders, access keys, and key tags.  Cobra key management systems are a fantastic, high-end solution for the best security and organization.  These dealership key systems work great for large car dealerships, auto dealers, and car lots.

Dealermarket has quickly become the industry leader for auto dealership supplies and is your trusted source for all of your dealership needs.  We also recommend you take a look at our service department key tags, car sales key tags, versa-tag key tags, and custom versa key tags.


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What is the purpose of a key cabinet?

A key cabinet serves the purpose of efficiently organizing and securing keys, particularly in auto dealerships or service departments. It provides a designated space to store and manage keys systematically, offering easy access while maintaining security.

How secure are key cabinets?

Key cabinets are designed with security in mind, featuring durable steel construction, tamper-proof key rings, and lock keys. Advanced systems like the Cobra key management system offer heightened security with visible and tamper-proof key arrangements, providing controlled access and organization.

What are the benefits of key cabinets?

Key cabinets offer several benefits, including enhanced organization, efficient key management, and security. They streamline operations in auto dealerships by providing a centralized location for keys, reducing the risk of misplacement, and ensuring that keys are easily accessible when needed.

What is the difference between a locker and a cabinet?

The main difference between a locker and a cabinet lies in their design and function. Lockers typically have larger compartments and are often used for storing personal belongings or larger items. On the other hand, cabinets, like key cabinets, are designed with shelves, hooks, or drawers for specific item organization, making them suitable for smaller items or documents.

Where do you put a key cabinet?

A key cabinet is typically placed in a secure and easily accessible location within an auto dealership or service department. Common locations include office spaces, service desks, or key management areas where service managers and staff can access keys conveniently while ensuring the security of the stored keys.