Auto key drop boxes are the perfect solution for any type of auto dealership to provide convenience for their customers to drop off their car keys after hours to increase revenue.  These night drop boxes are very useful for any car dealer service department, auto body or collision shop, or auto repair shop.  It’s not often customers can take time off during normal business hours to run to the dealership to get their car serviced.  So why not provide them with the opportunity to use your car key drop boxes and envelopes to conveniently drop their vehicle off and have it serviced the very next morning.

Auto Key Drop Box

Often times, your customer’s vehicles will break down after hours as well.  Then having to get towed to the nearest auto service shop so in these cases it’s essential for your business to offer them the ability to leave their car keys in your drop box or they’ll most likely end up at the next auto repair shop or just never come back since they have to make a special trip the next morning to drop off their keys.

Night Drop Key Envelopes

The night drop boxes that Dealermarket offers are very safe and secure and they even come with 50 night drop envelopes to get you started.  Customers can fill out their specific repair needs and contact information in organized fields to make sure that no information is missed.  Then just drop their keys in them, seal them up and put them in your drop box.  They’re the perfect size to keys with a remote but not overly large to take up too much space in your drop box.  We offer both custom and standard night drop envelopes in 1 color and 2 color.  We can even produce custom night drop envelopes with different ink colors.  Not to mention our pricing is the best out there!

Car Key Night Drop Box

Our night drop key boxes for automotive come in two different styles.  Our night drop box with a slot can be mounted to any exterior wall of your building or even a door.  This would require you to cut out a slot wherever you mount the drop box, so this has to be taken into consideration.  The other option is our self-contained night drop box so no slot is required to cut into the side of your building or door.  So the car keys are stored within the unit itself, you can then mount in your building or door or purchase a 36” or 24” ground post to mount it.  Both of these drop box mounting posts are sold separately.  Both styles are made in the USA and made of high quality steel with zinc coating and finished with automotive grade black paint.

Mounted Car Key Drop Box

Create more revenue from your service department today with night drop key products from!  Remember, we offer auto dealer supplies for all aspects of your dealership, shop and save with us today!