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Business Continuity & Backup Monitoring Service

Business Continuity & Backup Monitoring Service

Autosoft's Business Continuity includes all the benefits of Cloud Backup, plus the added protection of optional off-site cloud data restoration in case of server malfunction or failure. If your server is no longer functioning (due to anything from a malfunction to flooding or fire) Business Continuity can restore your data to a hosted server temporarily so that you can log in and get your business back up and running as soon as possible. Once you have regained a functioning server, we will help restore your data to that server. Our service will:

  • Automatically back up your AUTOSOFT DMS daily
  • Store complete backup files off-site in the cloud
  • Retain all historical data
  • Provide 30 potential restore points
  • Monitor exceptions, troubleshoot failures and rerun to ensure a successful backup
  • Address any issues keeping a backup from being successfully created
  • Help restore data to the on-premises server if needed - for simple data recovery
  • Help restore data to an off-site server if needed - if the on-premises server is not functioning
  • For AUTOSOFT DMS customers with an on-premise server running Windows 2008 Server or later
  • Requires AUTOSOFT DMS and business-class internet access
  • Business Continuity includes Cloud Backup. If you previously purchased Cloud Backup and want to take advantage of the additional benefits of Business Continuity, you can replace your Cloud Backup service with Business Continuity for the total monthly price of $89.00 per month
  • You must log in with your AUTOSOFT ACCOUNT NUMBER and choose "Bill Me" when checking out

Please review Service Offering for complete details.

Need help with Business Continuity? Contact the Autosoft Support Center at 800-473-4630 - Option 1 - Hardware & Networking (option 4).

  • $89.00 per month
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