Has Stepped Up As A New Auto Dealer Supplies Powerhouse takes a giant leap past their competition in the Auto Dealership Supplies industry.  A niche market, however, the auto dealer supplies industry is fueled by over 55,000 car dealerships in the United States alone.  There are at least a dozen or more companies currently occupying this space supplying dealerships with all the supplies they need from the car dealership balloons in the front of their lot or in their showroom, to the disposable plastic seat covers and custom paper floors mats used in the service department. 

One company,, wanted to take the industry by storm and create the most advanced online ordering system for these essential supplies.   They recently launched their new website in April 2020, and we must say that it looks fantastic.   “We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to give our customers the best buying experience possible,” said Joe Zumpella, Director of eCommerce.  “We recognized that most of our competitors’ websites were quite outdated.  We want to give the employees that purchase supplies within a dealership a modern-day buying experience instead of having to rely on a 5-year old catalog or outdated website,” states Zumpella.

A tour of the account dashboard reveals many modern features including 3 different ways to quickly re-order supplies that are either most recently ordered, commonly ordered products, or just repeating an entire order.  Dealermarket is currently one of a few companies offering an auto-replenishment/subscription service on consumable dealership items.  “We found that most dealerships wait until they’re completely out of certain supplies before re-ordering.  Why shouldn’t we offer an auto-replenishment solution to save them time and money, to the likes of or” said Zumpella.  All subscriptions are easily managed through the customer's account dashboard.  The customer receives an upfront discount for signing up and can pause, reactivate, or cancel a subscription at any time.  Customer support representative are also available to help customers determine the right timeline for these items based on their previous order history.

When learning more about some other things that makes Dealermarket stand out from the competition, it was obvious why this company is stealing market share in this industry every day.  They are the only company offering a Loyalty Reward Points program.  Customers can earn at least 1 point for every dollar spent (1% back every day, 100 points = $1) and use those reward points towards future purchases or towards a gift card (over 125 options) to use at their leisure.  “We find that employees within a dealership love to use their reward points to either treat themselves or even to buy their office team coffee or lunch,” stated Zumpella.  Dealermarket also runs 10x loyalty reward points promotions to help customers build up those points 10 times as fast to further retain customers and increase loyalty.

What about price?  “Dealermarket has a Low-Price Guarantee to match any competitor’s price so that is no longer a question in our customer’s minds.  We realize that price means everything, we do everything we can to bring a product to the market at the lowest price, however with many competitors it’s always a struggle to make sure our everyday prices are the lowest out there.  That’s why we have our low-price guarantee,”  said Zumpella.  “We also run frequent promotions from free shipping, 25% off sitewide, or even giving away the most-wanted gifts and gadgets including an Amazon Firestick, Roku Streaming Stick, Bluetooth speakers, Echo Autos, and Echo Dots.  We run promotions with big box gift cards as well including Starbucks, Target, Grubhub, Doordash, and Home Depot, just to name a few.  We know our customers love free gifts, who doesn’t?  We try to take the B2B ordering experience to a new level and make sure our customers see our value as their partner.”

It doesn’t stop there, Dealermarket is constantly expanding their catalog and takes advice from top customers to continually source new products that are in need.  They focus on helping car dealerships showcase their branding with a huge offering of custom products.  “You can customize most of our products with your logo.  We have expert in-house graphic designers that will walk you through the custom design and proof process.  It’s streamlined, quick, and easy,” Zumpella mentions.  When looking at some of the custom options available on top products from deal jackets, car key tags, disposable paper floor mats, or bulk license plate frames it’s easy to see how you can use their advanced website to upload your logo, add additional text, or special instructions to make the process incredibly simple. is Fueled by Autosoft who is one the top Dealer Management Systems (DMS) in the United States.  Dealermarket is the official provider of specific forms and checks that work with the Autosoft DMS.  Dealermarket produces all car dealership forms from service or parts invoices to purchase orders, A/R statements, and cash receipts in-house to provide the highest value.  Autosoft customers also order their checks directly from and they can completely customize their blank checks with their logo, company name, address, bank logo, etc.  “This was one of the largest things we wanted to do for our Autosoft customers.  Giving them the ability to configure their checks directly on the website and see what it’s going to look like before checking out was a major goal and our customers love it.  We also produce our checks in-house on a state-of-the-art Xerox printer with MICR ink, the wholes works.  We want to be able to pass on further savings for our Autosoft customers,” states Zumpella.  “We partnered with 121 eCommerce to help create a top-notch Magento website and eCommerce buying experience.  We want nothing but the best for our customers and will continue to invest in the best technology and partner with the best eCommerce and development companies out there.” 

If you haven’t done your due diligence within your dealership, we definitely recommend taking a long-hard look at Dealermarket for your dealer supplies.  One small step for a car dealership and one giant leap for an auto dealer supplies company!