What is a Deal Jacket?

Vehicle deal jackets are simply a folder containing all the important paperwork and documents involved in the purchase and sale of a vehicle on a car dealership.  Auto dealers often refer to them as deal envelopes, car jackets, car dealer folders, or car dealer record envelopes.  These auto dealer deal jackets are where you can store information such as year, make, model, VIN, purchase date, mileage, personal contact info, and more. 

Vehicle Deal Jackets

What are Buyers Guide for Cars?

A buyer’s guide is a form that must be displayed in any used car up for sale and is required by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).  It is typically displayed in the driver side window and is also required to be given to the customer after a sale.  Used car buyers guides will inform customers about any major electrical or mechanical systems on the vehicle.  It lets a customer know if the car is being sold AS IS – no dealer warranty, has an implied warranty, or a dealer warranty.  Customers will especially want to pay close attention and read all details on an AS IS buyers guide.  It may denote if the warranty covers all or just a percentage of repair costs that a given auto dealer would be responsible for under that warranty.  Any customers should review each car’s buyers guide in detail as well as get those promises in writing.

Buyers Guide for Cars

What are Multi Point Inspection Forms?

Multi Point Inspection Forms are used by automotive dealerships as a checklist for any vehicle repairs or regular maintenance.  Also referred to as repair estimate worksheets, these forms are used to show what work and repairs have been done on a customer’s vehicle.  They are an important aspect of any auto repair shop or car dealership’s service department.

Multi Point Inspection Forms

What is a Service Advisor Route Sheet?

Service managers and advisors use service route sheets, appointment pads, and these similar types of service schedule forms every day so they can keep track of all the work that is being done on a vehicle.  It helps keep the department organized in many ways including determining the amount of time a vehicle will be in the repair shop before all repairs are done, the flow of repair between technicians, and any part requirements.  These forms are most often used in body shops, auto repair shops, and car dealership service departments.

Service Route Sheets

What is a Used Car Police Book?

A used car record police book may be required in some states for any car dealership.  It is a maroon or black 8.75” x 13.5” hardcover book that holds all vehicle records of bought and sold cars.  It has 256 pages with 3 forms on each page for a total of 768 records.  The Public Acts of 1921, Sec 14, Act 46 that was passed will hold a dealership accountable so auto dealers should check with their state department of transportation to make sure they are keeping the required records.  

Used car record police book